About ShackedTV

ShackedTV.com was born one sunny afternoon when I was really pissed off. I had driven down to my favourite local surf break and the surf straight up sucked! It was ankle high and blown out…..

So I drove back home cursing and screaming in my head asking Mother Nature the infamous question “Why??” and guess what? She didn’t respond.

When I got home I did what most of us do when the surf is flat and popped in my favourite surf flick…but this time it wasn’t sick like it used to be!

I was tired of seeing Kelly Slater pull into the same Teahupo’o barrel and Dane Reynolds land the same rodeo flip for the 100th time.

I wanted something new..something different. I wanted to be able to watch new footage of my favourite pro surfers ripping waves I’d never seen before!

So I started hunting around anywhere I could find some different surfing videos to watch. But there was just one problem….Alot of the surf videos I found sucked! They just weren’t providing the stoked that most of us surfers look for. They weren’t any surf video websites that were living up to my needs!

So I decided to create one myself. A home for high quality surf videos to keep me amped and to get me through those flat days.

And I want to share it with you and the world!

Hope you enjoy!